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Amulets of the good luck

The talismans are used for the purpose of attracting the good luck in our lives, and although for some persons it is prove simply or caprice superstitious, the talismans represent one of the most ancient traditions that are in the history of the humanity, although it is important to emphasize that from a beginning the talismans were created to banish the bad luck and not to attract the fortune. Another very common use that they were giving him to this type of amulets, especially in the ancient epoch was to prevent a person from falling ill or tongue, the case is that for example, the ancient Egyptians, were using talismans in the rituals that the wizards of this epoch usually did when the Pharaoh or some of his progeny was in the serious state.

amulets - suerte-tiposOn the other hand, for the druids the talismans were representing the symbol of the elementary beings, especially the poltergeists, which being the guards undiscussed the nature, were using stones, medallions, canes, and even the famous trefoils of four sheets that are so popular in this epoch. In the Greek mythology for example, each of the gods of the Olympus was possessing an ensign or personal symbol with which it was identified, and his faithful were using to be protected from the opposite deities. Since we can see the talismans they accompany us for ages and until the day I give the whole world they have some amulet that accompanies it to all sides.

The origin of the talismans is quite uncertain, since although one believes that it began in to the Celtic culture, the same ones have been present for ages. But if we speak a little about as there were the talismans in the ancient epoch, generally the same ones were coming from the animals, since one believed that the person who will load them might have the same skills; from this idea, the canine teeth of wolves or felines and up to even the skins, not only they were turning the trophy of the hunters, but also, they were turning into his talisman, that is due to the fact that it existed the belief of which those person who was carrying some talisman originated from a powerful animal or a beast, is a person would be immune to any attack. At present the talismans generally are used to attract harmony to the hearth and it is very common that also they are used like method to attract the money. Independently which are the motives for which we use the talismans, today it keeps on being a tradition that of course will be very difficult to lose.

Talismans at present

Many of the amulets that were used in the antiquity keep on being a cult motive, although we must say that both the market and most of the persons, have searched for them very well to make their own talismans. The stones, the handymen, rings, bracelets, hoops and brooches are some of the favorite accessories of the persons at present; the same ones are usually recorded with some symbol typical of the belief corresponding to the person who uses it, or, many people usually record dates or names in the jewels like motive of memory of some person who did to us or do not do happily. On the other hand and inside the world cultural folklore, the paws of rabbit, horseshoes, the fact of having a toad or pet frog also represent an invitation so that the good luck and the fortune strike the door of our house to us.

amulets - suerte-amuletosIn addition to the frogs, other animals that are considered to be amulets of good luck are the small turtles, especially those of water, the elephants, the dolphins and the owls; it costs to clarify that here we are speaking about living beings, therefore it is not correct to treat them as if there were one I object or, but we must say that these animalcules radiate such a level of positive energy, that to have them at home can be an excellent change. The trefoil of four sheets keeps on supporting his magic although it is one of the most ancient talismans, the problem is in that to find a trefoil with this one characteristic is practically impossible.

That's why of dice that the one who finds it, the luck will accompany it for the rest of his life; another plant that also it is considered to be how a talisman is the laurel, since it is said that the same cleaning the house of all the existing negative energies.

Since we can see, adopt talismans our tastes, beliefs and originality depends only, and if we add the collective superstition that the need for the faith exists more in something, we can say that the talismans represent a fundamental part of the culture of the world, since even, without possessing any type of belief, the whole world has some object to which it attributes the attraction of the good luck to him.

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