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Celtic amulets and white magic

The Celtic amulets are probably the symbols most used inside the white magic due to the enormous power that the same ones possess. How well we know most of the cultures they rely on with different typical symbols which represent so much his destination and his origin like also the values, beliefs and traditions.

In case of the Celtic amulets we must say that the same ones represent a sacred geometry for this culture; the principal qualities that we can mention there is the power to neutralize to the darkness and in turn to generate the sufficient energy so that this one generates an ambience adapted to purify the soul. The Celts as for his amulets, demonstrated to be the creators of the most beautiful designs which principal idea was centring basically on the spirals, which, according to the druids, represent to the life.

The above mentioned designs have been an inspiration of big artists later to the Celtic culture captivated not only by the elegance of the forms, but also for the magic that the amulets present. It is important that we bear in mind that the Celtic amulets were done from a beginning in order to places and persons harmonized protecting them and offering them plenty in everything what they need to live, also most of the symbols that we can find in the Celtic amulets have some curative properties as for examples that absorb the pains of the body when poyan in the affected area and also they are capable of lowering the temperature in those cases where the persons present very high fevers. amulet - celta-tipos

On the other hand we must say that most of the Celtic amulets that today we know, were inspired in the symbols of the Celtic runes, and these symbols, the druids were using to carry out his transformation works because these Celtic amulets usually drank to those who were possessing the energy load that each of the symbols was representing. Bearing this in mind we can say that here there becomes detached a branch of the Celtic amulets called “runic amulets” which, they are much used in these days. These Celtic amulets are very effective when it is a question of carrying out works for the purpose of improving our self-esteem and our way of being related to the others. Anyway we must say that although the Celtic amulets are used very much in the practices of white magic, the only ones, they are more used by persons who simply share the Celtic belief about the properties of these amulets.

The symbols in the Celtic amulets

Since well we have said, the amulets Celt are characterized by the forms that possess the magic symbols in them, for example, one of the most well-known is the tree of the Celtic life which represents a support source for our life: it supplies us of food, I become oxygenated and shelter, also it was supposed that this tree was mass communication media with the ancestors of the druids; the spiral is one of the figures and older symbols in the Celtic amulets and it symbolizes a concept of growth expansion and cosmic energy. Double spiral also is a common design of seeing in the Celtic amulets and in this case we must say that it represents the duality and balance between the balance of the things and the nature: it is the equivalent to the symbol of the Yin and the Yang.

amulet - celta-amuletosAlso we must mention triple spiral that symbolizes the triple Celtic goddess also adored in the religion Wicca, and also they represent the cycle of the life, the death and the renaissance. The Celtic cross or cross of Odin was usually the Celtic amulet most used by the druids, in addition to being the most ancient symbol of the world and the same one represents the solar calendar and to the movements of the sun. This symbol was adopted later as the Christianity, who know it as “the cross of San Patricio”. The trisquel or triskel also it represents one of the most powerful Celtic amulets of the culture since it represents to the number three, the number that applies to the Celtic religion and to the Wicca.

This amulet symbolizes learning, and the Trinity of the past, the present and the future. The trinqueta is the most emblematic Celtic symbol of the culture and he is most used probably in the magic Wicca, since in this one it symbolizes three aspects that the triple goddess possesses: the maiden, the mother and the oldster. Also it is considered that this Celtic amulet represents the mastery of the ground, the sea and the sky, the mind, the soul and the body, and the life, the death and the renaissance. the Cross of Brigitt is not of the most well-known Celtic amulets but both his symbolism and his magic powers are of the most powerful. Brigitt is one of the names by which he is called the triple goddess, specially the goddess mother, and in the Celtic culture it symbolizes the knowledge and the fertility; finally, between the Celtic amulets we can find the symbol druid awen, that it constitutes to the spiritual lighting in addition to which it represents the harmony between the opposite ones.

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