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Mooring charm

The mooring charm has his origin in the santería and constitutes very ancient rituals that can turn out to be harmful so much to the person who applies it as for the one that receives.

The charm of basic mooring is a question of realizing a work to retain a person, and they are usually carried out in those situations in which a couple is crossing for a separation or a distancing; it is necessary to emphasize that the couple moorings are carried out on the part of a person to other one (generally with some fortune teller or witch of for way) and precisely the purpose is to moor the person who wants to move away to be able to avoid this. Most of the persons who realize this type of charm usually sell it like part of the white magic, since they make sure that it does not possess any type of side effect either it does not even hurt to the person who is suffering the mooring, but the true thing is that on the contrary, the love moorings break the will of a person, and this guy of magic not only it is prohibited inside the parameters of the white magic but it represents a charm of black magic that although it does not possess a level of extreme damage, to break the will of a person making use of magic properties is an act of pure egoism, without importing the context in which the charm is realized.

mooring - sailIt is all forms important that we mention the arguments of all those persons who devote themselves to realize the love moorings. First of all it is said that they exist gift guys of mooring, on the one hand there are the moorings of couple roses or targets that are carried out when the person that the esta requesting feels a “real love” towards the person who wants to be retained, and for it, these love moorings are usually of long duration. On the other hand there are the black moorings, which in addition to lasting very little, are done usually under feelings of spite and revenge, and are those who more rapid turn to the person that the solicitous thing. Logically a mooring charm needs of the collaboration, not only of a person who can do them but also needs that who has requested it has faith in the effects that will be obtained, since, like everything in the magic, it is necessary to believe reliably in what is realized.

On the other hand they recommend that the rituals of moorings of couple to be carried out by means of the moons, since to be able to complete a mooring successfully it is needed to continue many steps and as well we know, the moon is a very influential element in most of the magic practices: for example, that charm of mooring that are realized during increasing moon or new moon can help to that a relation grows and is much more lasting than than he believes that it will be. Those that are carried out when the moon between in his diminishing state, only it was provoking that the relation is very rapid and a felling and those that are carried out during the full moon are those who more last. On the other hand we must say that the mooring charm it usually lasts between 3 and 21 meetings as the rapidity with which the mooring materializes. The first 3 meetings represent to the holiest Trinity, what would be inside the magic, the triangle of the power; in 5 meetings the stave is represented; in 7 it is said that the luck is attracted powerfully since this number represents the Biblical number of God, and from 9 meetings one works with the numbers of the luck and the protection. Many specialists in this type of ritual, recommend that a bath always to be realized with soaps that there have been prepared to achieve the harmonización and the campaign to raise public awareness of the person who requested the mooring, and the same ones must be done earlier, during and after the ritual is carried out, and an important factor that it is necessary to bear in mind is that while the charm is realized, the person must not cry. This is due to the fact that the tears are salted and as well we know the salt in the witchcraft, attracts the bad luck running the risk that the work that is realized is cut.

Victim of a mooring of love?

mooring - altarLogically, if we move inside an environment of magic and occultism, it is probable that we are completely exposed to be victims of the moorings of couple, especially in those cases of couples where although the things do not go well, somehow we do not manage to liberate ourselves of the situation, now well: How do we realize if they have realized a mooring work to us?, in general when a person is tied, it is probable that she begins to feel strange although he does not know with accuracy what is what is badly.

Some symptoms that there perceive the victims of the moorings of love are, for example, a sudden attraction towards another person by whom he was never interested (the same one would come to be who carried out the ritual of mooring), also the charm of this class is evident physically provoking headaches, in the continuous bones and in the breast and especially very strong, and especially very drastic changes of humor and without apparent motive. If it goes so far as to use some type of element like the dust of fingernail or the toloache, the consequences in the stingy person can be truly serious since the above mentioned elements are poisonous and can be killing of to little the neurons, and here there runs the risk that the same one dies or stays in the vegetable state. Bearing in mind the symptoms previously explained it is important that it is born in mind that it is necessary to be very careful with everything what takes and eats up because many sorcerers recommend to add proper corporal fluids of the one who realized the mooring of couple (blood, saliva, perspiration, tears and up to urine), since although the will was broken, the tied person feels a deep desire to move away despite his powerlessness in doing it.

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