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The divination: to predict and to decipher

The divination is a supernatural skill that some persons possess, and it has the target to discover some secret thing, to decipher a puzzler or, to predict the future. It is a question of a universal practice that has been used in all the times and generally it is independent from the intellect, the social position or religion that there possess the persons who resort to the divination.

Someone cultures as that of the center and West of Africa usually use the divination as way to understand some circumstances of the presenta, such as the illnesses, the commercial defeats or in the harvests, familiar and social problems and sudden deaths, and the method that is used in this type of divination is the reading of the past and of the indications that could help to comprise the causes of all these mentioned problems.

divination - templateNow then, depending on every society, the divination can take several forms, can be carried out publicly or privately person is already for only one or for a family and up to even a community he informs and in general it is practised by the priests who inform the traditional religions of Africa. There exist different systems of divination that remain established to the length of the history and are provided with a wide group of knowledge that were gathered from the experimentation and in turn, they begun to be transmitted from generation to generation.

In many societies, especially in Africa, the divination represents an essential part of his survival like community, and the importance of this practice can be bought by that of the courts of justice that are accepted by the community precisely for there are considered to be a need to support the social stability and the safety. On the other hand it is fundamental that we bear in mind that both the instruments and the skills that are used in the divination change according to the region and the people of which it is a question.

Methods of divination of the future

The divination of the future perhaps is the skill most requested by the people due to the emulation to want to know that the destination provides them. Although one can create its own judgment about the veracity that has this one practical the true thing is that there exist natural clairvoyants who have the aptitude to see visions in his head and across them they can predict the future. Anyhow, those persons who do not have the natural gift of the divination resort to several methods to be able to develop, for example, one one it is the divination of the future with apples that consists of choosing two apples and with a small knife of recording the names or the initials of the persons who are involved in the question or dates. When the apples are recorded they must be placed in a dark place to watch his decomposition process; the one that decomposes first represents a negative consequence and the one that seems more fresh it will be the answer that more is convenient.

divination - fairAnother very common method for the divination of the future is that of the mirror, more known as “method Scrying”, this is a very common method between the persons who practise magic and secret sciences, and it is necessary to use some plate of black color that must have a convex side and another hollow; also it can be a mirror of these characteristics but it must be painted by dull black painting. What is achieved by this tool is that the mind empties on having looked then at the images they will begin to arise in the mirror. The lighting that is had in the room where the scrying is practised must be very tenuous, with a sail or two it will be enough.

The crystal balls trasparentes and black they work almost of the same way, the only thing that must be done it is to keep on looking at them for a certain time space until the same concentration that we put in this hardware they manage to empty our mind; then the images that will help us with the divination of the future will arise alone. Another Scrying method is that of looking fixedly at one with trasparente full of water or, a vessel. In case of the glass it is necessary that it does not possess any drawing or detail that could distract the concentration that is needed, and if it is wished, it is possible to add drops of blue or black ink to the water, since as they say, immediately there will begin to appear the images for that we look. Although this is a method of divination of the very accessible future, he believes it is a portal to achieve the access to other dimensions, therefore he is a very careful important being with this practice.

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