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A vision different from the tarot and the clairvoyances

The tarot is one of the methods of clairvoyance more used by most of the persons, and although his veracity is constantly in doubt cloth, it keeps on being one of the resources most used by those persons who have desires to know his destination.

Anyhow many students make sure that the clairvoyance is a natural gift that we all have inside ours, simply we must learn to develop it. For some sectors of the society, the tarot and the clairvoyance there are two of the big modality of the secret sciences.

That is to say that believes that all those persons who possess the skill of the natural clairvoyance, or who usually consult to the tarot, are considered ocultistas. On the other hand, in many regions, especially in Africa, the clairvoyance and divination are daily practices of that they depend to know that course must take the life of every individual. Slightly very similar it happens with the tarot, since for example, it represents a tradition in the gypsy peoples as the palmistry or the hand reading. tarot - videncias-tarotAnother method of clairvoyance and very popular divination so much in east since in Occident it is the book of the Ist ching, although in contrast to other systems, in this case, the book will never offer us a concrete answer, simply will guide us to choose the way that we feel correctly.

The true thing is that, although these practices could present characteristics ocultistas (especially the tarot since basically none of them talks each other of a ritual of divination) finds the natural clairvoyance tied straight to the secret sciences, nevertheless, it can be considered to be a supernatural phenomenon studied by the parapsychology and in this case we must say that the parapsychology, in spite of his scientific methods, it is considered to be a practice ocultista.

The practice of the secret sciences

In addition to the extrasensory phenomena as the clairvoyance, the telekinesis or the clairvoyance, other one of the branches that covers the parapsychology there are the paranormal, such phenomena as the appearance of spirits, the declarations of poltergeist, and all the related to the spiritualism. Probably be the most interesting part that treats the study of the parapsychology, but simultaneously, it is most questioned by the world scientific community, since although one has tried to present tests about the existence of the paranormal activity, the same ones they never managed to have a sufficient solvency as to gain credibility. In fact, a curious fact that endorses this theory is that Harry Houdini dedicated the last stretch of his career to unmask paranormal events, especially that related to the spiritualism, like the meetings commanded by psychic and the supposed supernatural powers that there were presenting some persons who wanted to be public exploiting this skill.

tarot - videncias-videnciaIt was always successful and managed to put in ridiculous more than once all the believers of the paranormal thing, but in spite of this, it is not correct to discredit to the spiritualism since although it is true that many swindlers exist trying to extract profit, also they exist infinity of real cases. The magic practice also is inside the secret sciences and the spiritualism, especially when invocation conjurations are realized to the different deities or for the invocation of the spirits of already deceased persons.

The above mentioned it represents one of the most common rituals in certain religions like the voodoo, umbanda or Candomblé. Another ritual practised by persons who realize black magic or tribal conjurations is the invocation to demons, something that is completely condemned for most of the society because this type of activities is a fundamental part of the satanism, a religion that produces cult to the supreme demon. There are great the topics that shut all this type of practices up, and each one is much more interesting and atrapante that the previous one; in addition to everything previously mentioned, in the place it will be able to meet information about the horoscopes, the fortune and all the arts and sciences that are related to the practices and the rituals corresponding to the occultism, the magic, the witchcraft and the divination.

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